“Kendra’s playful style continues to evolve following evidenced-based forms of practice emphasizing wellness, self-inquiry, self-mastery, and empowerment.”


Slow Flow, Soft Stretch & Flow Motion Yoga

Trauma-Informed & Recovery Yoga

Mindfulness Meditation

Self-Care & Wellness Practices

Where am teaching I right now?

  • Private Appointments
  • Workshops, Conferences, Festivals & Retreats
  • Humble Warrior Collective
  • Be Love
  • OTM; Yoga, Purpose In Action Facilitator

“Yoga is a Journey of the self, through the self, to the self” ~Bhagavad Gita

I first fell madly in love with hot vinyasa in 2012. Reconnecting with a high school friend at the gym & over summer play dates to focus on motherhood, health and wellness kindled the spark that lit an undying fire.

“Curiouser and curiouser” ~ Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carrol

What began as a quest seeking friendship and physical benefits developed into a veritable Hero’s Journey. I dove head-first, chasing the white rabbit straight into Jonny Kest’s LifePower Yoga 200-hour yoga teacher training program. Under the tutelage of the amazing and adept Tracey Miller, I pursued passion and practice, deepening my personal relationship and knowledge of yoga.  Ever an avid learner, I continue my education as often as possible. This knowledge develops a carefully curated and eclectic practice built through in-depth & versatile trainings with Tracey Miller, David Williams, Lauren Vogel, Chrispy Bhagat Singh, and Dee Dussault.

“You Learn by Living” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
Life experiences, both on and off the mat, helped me realize a slice of my purpose. As a survivor, I actively choose to arm myself with a blanket of compassion. Walking the bridge from hurting to healing brought me to a familiar space, the crossroads. Healed people extend a hand to the weary who seek community and liberation through shared healing practices. Living authentically meant learning to tell my story and walk in service with others. While Hatha Yoga serves as the path of physical practice through asana, Karma Yoga represents the yoga of selfless action towards others. Trauma-informed and mindfulness practices became the focus of my professional path. Additional trainings with James Fox, Kyczy Hawk, Lauren Haug, and Dr. Sarah Bowen helped prepare me for the practice of Karma Yoga. I remain active in the Tulsa community, serving individuals who seek to rise to their potential through my work with the Humble Warrior Collective.

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