Followed   Hunted

Over the past 5 years, my senses and keen observations have witnessed that “some of those who work forces, are the same that burn crosses.” Still. In Tulsa.

How many times have I felt the presence of the black & blue over my shoulder? Following me from spot to spot. Off campus and into city parks. Entering the highway at pivotal moments along my particular commute, which varies by the day because I try to never leave the house at the same exact time.  How many times have I changed my routes, only to find that they somehow magically adjust theirs too?  The side by side rides I get and their sidelong glances let me know they’re watching me.

Stay in line. The price of freedom is your compliance.

I see their eyes in the sky everywhere. Whether it’s the helicopter, or just the massive camera surveillance system along our highways that is the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. Ever leave or enter the state along I-40? Smile for the cameras!

Does anyone else feel this way? I want to know that I am not alone.

Is it Oklahoma?  We are the #1 incarceration capital of our country and the world.

What is policing and surveillance like in your town? In your state?


Where LEO sweeps citizens behind bars

If you’re black or brown, in our town

      You’ll be hunted as they track your phone or car!


              Every night, my cheesy mouse and I

Sit alone and talk

As the metal hawk,

Listens in while tracking from the sky!

We know we belong to the land,

Cuz of these cuffs on our hands!

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