Know Your Nonprofit Yogis feat. Attic Conversations — Citizens of Tulsa

“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity”

– Oprah

via Know Your Nonprofit Yogis feat. Attic Conversations — Citizens of Tulsa

Tickled pink and still wearing through the shock of this fabulous interview that Sarah Doll and I gave for Attic Conversations! At thirty-five years young, I have earned my place working with an amazing organization.  Simply reflecting makes my cheeks sore from smiling! Proud to collaborate with amazing individuals and enjoying many exciting “first time” experiences! Even more than I could have ever imagined!

In true fashion as a tardy yogini, I have arrived late to the publicity party. Anything in my teeth? Oh yeah, this is a podcast!                                                                                                                                                                            My nerdy penchant for research served me well. I listened to several episodes before our taping to familiarize myself with the style & flow of the Citizens of Tulsa show.

I’m so14332934_1396888823672201_4376108756375323180_n glad that I did. I rediscovered my love for Woody Guthrie & a deeper connection to my fellow Oklahomans after listening to Episode 6. Woody’s words have been in my ears ever since with my current favorite tune being “Pretty Boy Floyd.” Outlaws & rebels are just my kind. “This Land is your Land” I sing with my daughter, especially on road trips and there isn’t a time that song hasn’t brought tears to my eyes.

I fear now that I sound a little like a brown noser as I hear myself referencing the Topeca coffee conversation. While I’m admittedly forever a teacher’s pet, hearing their message & mission truly resonated. Coffee & cannabis function as main dietary staples for me. The ethics & processes involved in their growth & production matter deeply because I invite them into my body. You are what you consume- physically, mentally, and financially.

Life is an ever evolving patchwork of decisions advancing in complexity as we age. Mindfulness allows us each to examine ourselves intimately. Practicing mindfulness creates a portal in time & space where we can listen to the whispers of our heart & soul; reflecting with gentle curiosity on our actions, moods, choices, opportunities, and anything & everything else. This practice offers inner-guidance to measure life from a comfortable distance; whether you need to ease a broken heart, create calm in a frenzied pace of life, or quiet an overactive mind. Mindfulness exists as the gap between stimulus & response, influencing how we move forward with increased intuition or a cultivated response.

Fuse the fragmented modern experience back together by spending time noticing the breath, feeling it breathe through the physical body & reconnecting with your authentic self as a complete being. Marvel meditatively at this beautiful existence as a human who is a little more awakened & aware. A few moments of priceless time can present a gift of personal wisdom & appreciation as realized through mindful self-care in practice.

Practice What you Teach

A personal practice of yoga & mindfulness has been the best preparation for teaching, especially for the programs & students served by Attic Conversations Yoga Foundation. Mindfulness prepared me for this interview better than any of the notes I took the night before. Salome Pinto kindly prepared a short list of general questions and talking points- which I failed to read all the way through to the end.

Go With the Flow

As we trekked across to the recording studio, Sarah discreetly asked whether I had  planned anything for Salome’s final talking point, sharing “a 2 minute mindfulness exercise at the end of this conversation.” Ever the over-achiever who likes to keep up appearances, I casually responded that was no problem!

Even though the thoughts began racing…. “This audio will possibly outlive me on the internet- I didn’t arrive with material specifically planned for this- My internal systems are sounding alarms- Heart racing- Breathe- Breathe- Just Breathe-

Boldly Lead by Example

Check out the interview in the link at the top of this post to listen & let me know what you think.

Many thanks & deep gratitude to Citizens of Tulsa & Attic Conversations for the opportunity to share the practices as I work, live & breathe to realize my dreams.

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